Porterhouse Pork Chops (6 Pieces, 5 lbs) by Tender Belly

Porterhouse Pork Chops (6 Pieces, 5 lbs) by Tender Belly

Our 100% ABA Berkshire Porterhouse is the premier choice for pork chop lovers. Similar to the beef porterhouse, this cut includes the tenderloin and the loin. The meat displays intramuscular marbling that creates a tender, juicy and perfect chop for grilling or roasting. This product is also available in the Best of the Best package all by Tender Belly

** This is the real deal folks! In order to cut the porterhouse into chops, this requires a hand or butcher saw

Care and Storage

Thawing - Tender Belly products should stay inside the vacuum packaging and be thawed in your refrigerator unless otherwise directed. This allows the product to thaw slowly while retaining the natural juices essential for great flavor. We do not recommend thawing any items at room temperature or under hot water. Heads up! Sometimes the vacuum packaging will leak while the product is thawing in the refrigerator. This might happen by pinholes from freezing or shipping. Don't be concerned as long as the product has remained frozen and refrigerated while thawing.

Storage - Our pork is individually wrapped and comes either frozen or refrigerated to preserve the utmost quality, freshness and flavor. General guidelines for storage are: Refrigerator (1 week open / 3 weeks unopened) or Freezer (9 months).

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