Japanese Silk Pocket Square by MIZU Brand

Japanese Silk Pocket Square by MIZU Brand

This pocket square made with Heritage. Months of research and scouting led to this vintage Japanese silk, chosen for its extremely high quality and its bold, authentic design. Skillfully hand-crafted from start to finish, this pocket square is made of a vintage silk created in the classic Yuzen technique.

First invented in Japan's Edo Period ( ~ 1700 ) by Miyazaki Yuzen Sai, this method is a laborious and precise process of many hand-painted layers to produce a highly coveted and completely unique pattern.

Measures: 12" x 12"100% Vintage Japanese silk, Tipped in Navy Threads, Individually hand-cut and crafted, Fabric Imported from Kyoto, Japan
Medium heat steam-iron

MIZU brand
4 days
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