Volcanic Fern Stone Silver  & Scrimshaw Necklace by Rachel Columb for Bonedance Jewelry Design

Volcanic Fern Stone Silver & Scrimshaw Necklace by Bonedance Jewelry Design

One of a kind scrimshaw necklace. A graceful hand-drawn fern curls up a slice of ancient mammoth ivory, coming out from behind a geometric volcanic stone. The green inks are lightly inscribed into the surface. Sterling silver, mammoth ivory, ink, volcanic stone. 18" sterling silver chain

Fossil ivory refers to ivory that has been in the earth for hundreds or thousands of years. The ivory has not quite turned into rock, but minerals have seeped into the ivory over the years, imparting unique colors and visual textures. The ivory remains lightweight and sculptable, but gains fantastic browns, corals, tans-- even blues and greens!

Fossil ivory, known also as "ancient ivory," comes from several different animals. I use woolly mammoth and walrus ivory. Mammoth ivory is at least 10,000 years old and does indeed come from those very large, furry (and extinct) ancestors of elephants.

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