Artisan Cutting Board - Cherry & Maple Wood by Chop Finely

Artisan Cutting Board - Cherry & Maple Wood by Chop Finely

This one-of-a-kind board can be used as a cutting board, serving board, or cheese board.

About the wood:

This board features two types of wood- cherry and birdseye maple. Our boards are never stained- so the colors that you see are the natural colors of the woods. The thin stripes of lighter wood are maple, and the darker wood is cherry. The cherry came from Garrison, Minnesota, and the maple came from Michigan. Together, the light and dark woods provide an eye-catching contrast perfect for any kitchen. Both maple and cherry are hard woods- which means the board is extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

Each of our boards is unique due to the varying grain patterns in the wood- you will receive the exact board pictured. The board's size is approximately 15 5/8 in x 7 in by 5/8 in.

Boards can be handwashed with soap and water; they should not be placed in a dishwasher. A care card will be included with your order.

All of our cutting and serving boards are handcrafted in our shop in Brainerd, MN, using locally-sourced hardwoods. We are artists committed to quality and creativity in design- we see each of our boards as a functional work of art.

Our boards are finished with 100% pure tung oil, a vegan, food-safe oil which is made from the tung tree. Tung oil lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through while protecting the wood from drying or cracking. Because they will last a lifetime, our boards are often purchased as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, or Christmas gifts. We are also happy to make a custom piece for your kitchen, so if you see a piece that you would like in a specific size, or made from a certain wood, we would love to hear from you.

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