Brown Woven Fabric Mini Handbag by Acton Creative

Brown Woven Fabric Mini Handbag by Acton Creative

The Brown Mini Bag is the perfect bag for running around! It's 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" - big enough for keys, money, and lipstick - just the essentials! Good for shopping, sporting events and going out. And because of it's size, it's perfect to toss into a briefcase when heading to work. It's handwoven with cotton and wool yarns to give it a rich, colorful look while being sturdy enough to handle the day-in & day-out use. The inside features a tan, brown and turquoise houndstooth check suiting material for the lining. Built into the lining is a pocket that will fit an ID, credit card and some cash. The Mini Bags can be dry cleaned, if necessary.

Each Mini Bag sports a snap to keep the flap in place and a decorative button - just because it looks good! This bag features a beautiful, metal insignia button! There is an adjustable, nylon strap to tweak the size perfectly for you. You can wear it over the body for a hand's free experience (great when shopping) or shorten it for over the shoulder wear (good for having dinner with the girls)! And it is so lightweight, you'll forget you are wearing it - until the cell phone rings!

All the Acton Creative handbags are handwoven on a 36" wide manual loom - just like in Ye Olden Days. The process begins with tubes of yarn, carefully chosen per the pattern. Then comes a series of steps to set up the loom including measuring, threading, knotting and winding. Once the loom is set up, shuttles are used to weave the fabric. The method used for designing the cloth ensures that no matter how the fabric is cut, no two bags will look alike. Each bag is documented and numbered, similar to a painter numbering her limited prints. (This one is #10 of Run 19.) I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it!

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