Blue Handwoven Fabric Clutch bag by Acton Creative

Blue Handwoven Fabric Clutch Bag by Acton Creative

The Blue Handwoven Clutch is the perfect bag for going out! It's 5" x 8" - big enough for keys, money, cell phone and lipstick - just the essentials! Great for an event on the town when you're traveling light. It's handwoven using a variety of traditional yarns - cotton, wool, etc. The combination of yarns and the woven pattern give it a wonderful texture, without being too bulky. The Blue Handwoven Clutch has a simple sky blue lining, with a pocket big enough for an ID and a credit card. The bag also includes a leash clip with a silky loop so it is comfortable around your wrist. Or you can remove the strap and slip it into a bigger purse. The Clutch can be dry cleaned, if necessary.

All the Acton Creative handbags are handwoven on a 36" wide manual loom - just like in Ye Olden Days. The process begins with tubes of yarn, carefully chosen per the pattern. Then comes a series of steps to set up the loom including measuring, threading, knotting and winding. Once the loom is set up, shuttles are used to weave the fabric. No two bags will look alike. I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it!

Acton Creative
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