Rolling Red Wine Glass Decanter by Tsuga Studios

Rolling Red Wine Glass Decanter by Tsuga Studios

As seen in Food and Wine, Boston Globe Sunday, and Yankee magazines!

A Tsuga Studios classic, this Rolling Red Wine Decanter is not only a great design for its ability to help wine breathe more effectively. It's also a beautiful object unto itself, retaining the decorative elegance found only in blown glass.

Like most wine decanters, pouring the wine into the wide waist of this glass form allows more surface area of the wine to reach the air than when left in an ordinary bottle of wine. But unlike other decanters, when this rolling decanter is moving or rolling, the wine rolls inside the decanter gently folding more oxygen into itself, allowing the red wine to breathe more effectively.

Each decanter comes with a clear, acrylic stand and card describing its use and care.

Tsuga Studios
2 weeks
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