Jasper ware Ceramic Teapot Sculpture by Eileen Braun

Jasper ware Ceramic Teapot Sculpture by Eileen Braun

Sculptural Teapot ( Non-functional)

16H x 9L x 6W

Formed of porcelain clay. Wheel thrown, stacked, under glazed with hand built and sprig mold embellishments. Fired to cone 6.

My work in clay has primarily focused on wheel thrown and gently altered forms of porcelain. My forms reference classical shapes and techniques. By updating their surfaces and silhouettes I strive to make my work historically relevant to today's audience.

My Jasper Ware Series was inspired by Josiah Wedgwood's 1770s unglazed stoneware decorated with neoclassical molded "sprigging" over a cast vessel. He was inspired by a black Portland Vase of cameo glass devoting 4 years to duplicating it.

Each of my Jasper Ware Teapots are comprised of individually thrown porcelain elements, merged as one. I then glaze the white clay black and place a layer of white hand built porcelain and sprig embellishments over the surface. It is painstaking work that must go slowly so as not to scare the black glazed surface- but I must move fast enough to complete the decorating before the surface dries and repels the new layer.

1 week
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