"Feathered My Nest Teapot" Porcelain Sculpture by Eileen Braun

"Feathered My Nest Teapot" Ceramic Porcelain Teapot Sculpture by Eileen Braun

Movement, texture and form are central themes to all my clay work. I enjoy the challenge of creating a vessel which makes you temporarily forget this once fluid material is now an un-moveable solid. I strive to create skins for my vessels which twinkle and beckon the eye as well as lure the hand to investigate the tactile surface. I play with classic forms by blowing them out (altering), or cocking a neck as an unexpected release- making each one unique

This body of work is greatly influenced by my fascination with subtle movement viewed outside my many studio windows. They open to an active lakeside landscape - one of the many rewards of living in Georgia. Daily I view vegetation reaching upwards, the heads of flowers turning slowly to follow the sun's path. Numerous bird feeders outside my studio windows are the meeting place for a variety of aviary visitors. It is here I observe their heads cocked, listening for warnings, greetings and mating calls. This observed behavior has resulted in a humanization to the long necks of my vessels, as well as the spouts and handles of my teapots.

Wheel thrown and altered porcelain. Body is en-robed in black under glaze then drawn through in a treatment called sgraffitto. Fired to cone 6, the lid is removable. If functional tea "could" be poured through its neck/spout.

Dimensions: 12H x 12L x 7W

1 week
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