Beard Oil - "1775"  by Admiral's Pennant

Beard Oil - "1775" by Admiral's Pennant

(1 oz/30 ml)

1775: As the colonies engage in war against the British, some minutemen become soldiers, and some soldiers become Marines. This year sees the birth of the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Army, and the tradition of excellence these military branches carry on to this day.

A bolder and a more complex blend with a base of patchouli oil and hints of cinnamon and lavender, this blend is very relaxing and refined. It has been described as "something I imagine my grandfather wearing if he were coming out of the woods and heading into town for a gala back in the 1950s". 1775, a tribute to the Army, Navy, and my beloved Marine Corps, is a fantastic blend for a night out or for everyday use.
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