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As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to work with my hands. I grew up in a family of creatives. My Mom did a lot of sewing and knitting and my Dad was an all around handy guy and styled children's clothing professionally. My travels through thrift stores led me to find ways to make new from old and I love the idea of up cycling. My favorite charity is the Michael J. Fox Foundation as my husband... More
For many years I was searching for a material and process to reconnect with my design roots and personal creative expression. Always drawn to wood and furniture building, I discovered turning. Nothing measures up to the excitement and discovery of peeling away layers of wood and exposing hidden treasures in grain, texture and color. I have been fortunate to have met, studied and received advice and encouragement from... More
Admiral's Pennant
"Our mission is to offer the latest in refined, high quality masculine products and services to the modern gentleman; as well as provide him with the tools and products necessary to look, act, and feel confident in his appearance and social interactions" The name Admiral's Pennant was inspired by the writings of Herman Melville. He penned "admirals pennant" in his book White Jacket , as a descriptive term for an... More
aKresse Jewelry Design
Alice Kresse worked for many years as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator, but came to jewelry by chance. A visit to a museum exhibition of a well know jewelry artist excited her so much that she enrolled in a jewelry design course at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC. She found in jewelry a way to integrate her love of design and art history with her background in such... More
Alexis Barbeau Designs
As a seasoned goldsmith/jewelry designer and scuba diver for more than 35 years, my love of our world’s oceans and their magic provides me with endless images inspirational in creating my beautiful wearable designs. To be underwater on a tropical reef with jewel-colored fish and mesmerizing shapes of rough hard corals and soft sponges is to enter another world. Along with the joy of sharing the beauty of what I... More
Amazing Quilts by Grace
Fiber artist, designer, quilter, and author, Grace J. Errea, began quilting in 2000. Her art focuses on the depiction of inspiring scenes in a value based contemporary-realistic manner. She feels very fortunate to have many of her first quilts become exhibited in juried shows and be recognized for their innovation in technique and depiction of nature and people. In 2005 she chose to retire from a very successful... More
American Bench Craft
American Bench Craft was started by two brothers with one simple goal: to make a better wallet. They wanted a wallet that would not fall apart at the seams like every other wallet they ever owned. To achieve this, they came up with a design made from a single piece of leather and secured with metal fasteners, NO THREAD STITCHING. Using the finest materials, an elegant design and reliable American craftsmanship, they... More
Amy Faust
I love simplicity, color, light, subtle texture and the mysterious connection that art has to nature. As a visual person I am always looking for inspiration from both the natural and urban environments. I love finding objects, such as beach and bottle glass with hints of writing or design or gorgeous smooth pebbles. Cutting them into specific shapes they resemble gemstones and take on a new precious quality. My wish... More
Amy Goldstein-Rice
Ceramic artist, Amy Goldstein-Rice is a native of Spartanburg, SC. She received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and studied ceramics with a number of established artists at arts and crafts schools throughout the southeast: Rising Fawn Pottery Workshop, Penland School of Crafts, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. In 1976 she joined the staff at the Spartanburg Arts Council... More
Amy Hamblin Art
I am a studio artist living and working in Seattle. My artwork has been shown in Japan, and nationally at venues that include: Vrej Baghoomian Gallery in NYC, Seattle Art Museum's "Party in the Park", the Mirabella Foundation in Seattle, Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, and The Rymer Gallery in Nashville TN. I was accepted into the Emerging Artist Public Art roster in 2013. I received her MFA from the University of... More
Amyn's maternal family has been in the jewelry business for the past four generations. His great-grandfather had an important natural pearl business in Paris as far back as the late nineteenth century. Amyn's maternal grandfather H.C.Javeri, was a pioneer who set up a diamond factory in India under the aegis of Diamond Corporation of India which was the first modern industrialized factory. His Mother, a renowned... More
Andrea Haffner Studio
Andrea Haffner is deeply interested in small containers and the way they can serve as both holders of precious things and deliberate points of focus. She collects her compositional materials from the richly diverse forms that exist in the natural world that surrounds her, often searching for objects in urban landscapes or remote trails in the hills of Ojai, CA where she lives. The containers she creates can be their... More
Anisa's Secrets
Kellie Anisa Ali the founder of Anisa’s Secrets and a native of Indianapolis, Indiana grew up in a family where food, family and fun were synonymous. Anisa’s mother the family designated cook and the original spice queen prepared savory meals using her trademark seasoning salt she crafted with herbs and spices in her pantry. Anisa watched her mother mix her special seasoning blend and she knew there was something... More
Anna Boothe
With degrees in sculpture and glass from Rhode Island School of Design and Tyler School of Art, Anna Boothe has worked with glass since 1980. Her primarily kiln-cast sculptural and decorative works have been exhibited at the Tittot Glass Art and Bergstrom-Mahler Museums, Museum of American Glass, and Kentucky Museum of Art and Design, and are included in the permanent collections of the Corning Museum of Glass and the... More
Art by Susan Lenz
I probably always was an artist but I didn't know it. Sixteen years ago I admitted this hidden identity to myself and turned my world upside down. This transformation required a complete change in lifestyle, income, and spiritual direction. Yet, my professional background has served me well. I quietly work longer hours and harder than anyone else I've ever known while still enjoying the influence of others. I use... More
Awesome Bars
Awesome Bars are vegan, handcrafted granola bars created in San Francisco by us sisters, Leah & Stephanie. We created this recipe because the world needs a natural snack that is healthy, high in protein and tastes delicious. With our awesome team, we do everything by hand; from rolling out the batches, cutting the bars to size, and carefully packaging each bar. We put a lot of love in our bars and we know you can... More
Becky Burt - Metalsmith
Becky Burt's pieces can be deceptively simple and elemental - some appear almost primitive. Her influences range from the Native peoples of America through Oriental architecture to the Arts and Crafts Movement. Shapes, forms, and textures resurface again and again. She is truly creating wearable art and each facet of her work is integral to the whole.
Bee Wild
Bee Wild grew out of a longing of its founder, John Wright, to bring a piece of the life he grew up with to an urban audience. John grew up in the spectacular beauty of the North Georgia mountains. Soon after high school, John was drawn to the bright lights of Atlanta, a city which, luckily for John, retains its deep Southern heritage. He soon became a man equally comfortable in two worlds: the slow-paced, nature-rich... More
Benyosef Glass
David J. Benyosef was born in 1986 and raised on the Lower East Side of NYC. He earned a bachelor's degree from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH, where he discovered his passion for blown glass. Upon graduation, David studied at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass with numerous world renowned glass artists. In 2014 David was invited to be one of two head gaffers for the acclaimed Pilchuck Glass School.... More
Bertolino Silver
Designer creator of sterling silver jewelry in the overlay technique. Earrings, pendants and pins.
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