Artisan FAQ

How do I apply?
To apply, please fill out our artisan application form.

How is Arteeni different from other sites that sell handmade products?

  • Each artisan and every product will be curated to ensure the highest quality and filter out mass produced or redundant items. While there are other sites that curate, they charge a fee to join, a product review fee, or a high commission rate.
  • Our marketing and advertising targets a high end customer base.
  • A donation will be made by Arteeni (upon each sale) to a charity chosen by the customer, from our approved list.

Who determines which charity the money is donated to?
The customer will select their preferred charity from our approved list. However, if no designation is made, the donation will be made to our spotlight charity, the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Are there any fees to join or list products on the site?
There are absolutely no fees of any kind, just a commission on your sales.

What does it cost to sell my products?
Arteeni is completely commission based and artisans get to keep 70% of their sales. No sale, no fee!

What type of support is offered?

  • Marketing of you and your products on our website and social networks.
  • A resources section to help enhance your listings, improve your sales, and better promote yourself on social media.
  • A newsletter, keeping you up to date with the current trends and other useful information to help you be more successful.

I find that most sites have too much competition for the same types of products. What does Arteeni do to prevent this?
While there will always be many jewelers, for instance, we DO NOT want our customers confused by many similar designs and our artisans competing for the same sale. We want to offer a wide variety of designs and techniques, not multiple interpretations of the same thing.

What is involved in the product curation process?

  • After receiving your submission, we will determine if it is a good fit for Arteeni based on the following criteria:
    • Must be an original design
    • Handmade by the designer or an agent of the designer (i.e. not mass produced).
  • Occasionally, we will reject a product if it is too similar to another product already on the website. This to prevent redundancy and protect our artisans from unnecessary competition.
  • If it meets the criteria that we are looking for, it should be approved within 2 days.

Is there a limit to the amount of products I can add to my shop?
You are welcome to submit as many products as you wish. Also, there is no minimum, but we suggest you post at least five items to get the best exposure.

Who determines the price charged for shipping?
You have complete control in setting the shipping charge and the shipping method for each of your items. We highly recommend insuring each shipment and including that cost in your shipping charge.

How quickly must I ship an order once it is placed?
We know that some products are available immediately and others may take some time to produce. As such, a product must be shipped by the date promised on the product listing page.

What is the return policy?
If the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they may return the item within 14 days of shipping date of the item. The return shipping is paid by the customer unless the product is found to be misrepresented. If the item was damaged during shipment, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier.

When are payments distributed?
Payment to you for products sold will be made once a month for all orders that have exceeded the 14 day return period. However, we are actively working to enhance the process so that payments are made more frequently.

Can I recommend an artisan for review?
Please do – we are always open to discovering new artisans and products! Please have them submit an artisan application.